Service Designer

What did I do at NOVO?

Helping them to get more consistency and design driven descisions througout there company.

NOVO is a language learning platform that develops proprietary learning technologies, methods and analytics. Customers can access in-house courses or powerful content creation tools to publish interactive courseware, tailor-made to suit their organization’s needs. Prioritizing a mobile-first mindset, NOVO courseware and technology are designed to be engaging and effective.

Novo is very technology-driven but wanted to improve connection with their end-users. I advised C-level execs, giving clear, practical and tangible goals I helped this e-learning startup with more direction on the “why” and the “how”. Through principles and a better understanding of their potential audience, I enabled NOVO to focus on designing the right features for their end-users.

  • Service Design
  • Design Principles
  • Customer Journeys
  • Jobs-to-be-done’s
  • Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Design Systems
  • Whiteboard and Stickies
  • Figma

Unlocking potential together


Perfect practice, proven growth

Creating common ground throughout the company

Design Principles

When you start a company, everything is running through your vision. But when that company grows, and more people join your mission, often everyone begins to interpret your vision differently. So it’s very important to set up company-wide principles and try to align them continuously. Working so that the company has the same definition of end goals.

With NOVO we created the common ground of raison d’être for the company and other core principles that continue to define NOVO.

Answers the why, what & when

Customer Journey

It’s important to know your customers and their journey. Not only when they buy your product, but also before and after purchase. To really understand your customer, you must understand why they want your product, what they need and when they require it.

If you really understand the Jobs-to-be-done’s, you know much better how you can serve them at the right time with relevant products.

Converting principles and jobs-to-be-done into strategy


If you know what principles define your company and why your customers want your product, you can focus on strategy.

I designed efficient and engaging business models, payment models, and defined all user and group roles to drive increased consumer connection

The product is the heart ♥

Product Design

Consumer research, design principles, and strategy are the keystones of the product. Using these learnings,  I designed the flow and sitemap, wireframes, and templates for pages across.

NOVO could now connect and showcase their innovative products in an enhanced user-focused environment.