Hello, I’m Michel. I am a Senior Interaction Designer & User/Customer Experience Specialist (IxD, CX & UX) from Amsterdam

“Michel is a pleasant person to work with. With great drive and ambition. He has good knowledge of interaction design and likes to take a project to a higher level.”

Django Weisz BlanchettaManaging Director/ founder at SuperHeroes

“I've worked with Michel for an international A-listed company on a big and complex project with tight deadlines, budgets and a lot of stake holders. Many times Michel's keen eye for design, out of the box creativity and professionalism saved the day and added a bunch of smiley's on our client faces. Michel is one of those creatives that combines a natural seniority with an open mind without ever losing focus on expectations and project criteria. Michel's interaction designs are well thought off, detailed, tidy and very professional. And last but not least Michel is a fun and friendly guy. I highly recommend Michel and I'm looking forward working with Michel again on future projects. Thanks Michel for saving the day many times. See you around buddy!”

Bartel ScheersDigital Strategy Consultant

“I loved working with Michel. First of all, because he is a fun guy to work with. But more important: he knows how to combine taste with common sense. Besides that, he is a designer that has a deep understanding of what a brand is. This has resulted in outstanding work for our clients, who - without an exception - were always very charmed by Michel, not only because of his work but also because of his personality. He understands the client's wishes but also recognizes their needs. Michel knows how to surprise you.”

Edwin EntiusFounder / Business partner @ C.C.A.

“Worked together with Michel on several projects, among which SoundCloud and Sonos. Michel has a creative mind and has always challenged the team to explore the limits of what's possible. In a very hectic period Michel showed his value and helped us to improve our workflow. Michel is fun to work with and a great guy. Keep doing your thing!”

Joël PattijHead Of Operations @ Harver


If you’re looking for a creative, innovative, fast thinking, CX/UX strategy or concept. Someone with skills to build a creative team from scratch and who can create state-of-the-art customer and user experiences, please contact me


Hogeweg 52a
1098 CE Amsterdam